If our company hires SSI and you place a candidate in our firm, will you re-recruit that candidate or any of our other employees for future openings?

Absolutely Not. SSI does not actively recruit out of client companies. 

Does SSI guarantee the candidates it places?

Yes, we do.  We have a 3-month placement guarantee from the candidate’s acceptance. If the candidate leaves for any reason, other than a shortage of work, we’ll replace the candidate at no additional charge.

How do we find candidates?

Networking, networking, networking. We have databases, professional association memberships, previous searches, Internet job boards, public speaking engagements, newspaper column articles, and an increasing flow of unsolicited inquiries based on visibility and reputation in the industry.

Have you ever refused to conduct searches for a company in our industry?

Yes. We will not work with companies we believe to be unethical or dishonest. And we  rarely work with firms that don’t take the time to meet with us in person.

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